Career Insider: 2009 Volume 2

Do You Have a Job Search Strategy in the Depressed Economy?

The first quarter of 2009 ended with more layoff announcements and an unsettling labor market. It is without a doubt that competition in the U.S. job market is furious. Reputable companies and their Human Resources departments are bombarded daily by job seekers seeking for employments. The number one question among job seekers is: “How can I stay ahead of competitions in my job search?”

Many of us had learned from our experience in business that a warm lead usually doubles your success rates than cold calling. The main barrier is how to generate these warm leads in our job search? Check out the success story shared by Jeremy Langevin and Ted Johnson at Horizontal Integration on “How to Navigate Career Success in a Hostile Economy”

Summer is always filled with activities. With job search being almost another full time job in today’s market, it can be overwhelming in our daily schedule. Deborah Walker, a Career Coach at Alpha Advantage shared her insights on “Summer Job Search Strategies”. Have a fun filled summer and best of luck in your job search!

Career Profile: Management Analyst

Companies are demanding that departments have an analytics strategy. In business, analysis of data can provide answers to a variety of questions. Was this initiative profitable? What was the response rate for the new campaign? From risk management to value management, there are all kinds of management information one might analyze for your company. What are an analyst's responsibilities? Read more »

Career Profile: Product Manager

The role of a Product Manager is to oversee the planning and development of marketing strategies for either a single product or group of products. It is the goal of the Product Manager to manage, develop and implement product marketing activities to maximize sales of an assigned product line. Because their decisions affect the success of a company, Product Managers are excited about the opportunities to manage and strengthen a company’s brand. Do you see yourself as a decision maker? Do you have what it takes to lead a team from the beginning stages of product planning to implementation? Read more »

How to Navigate Career Success in a Hostile Economy

In today's economy, you would think it's impossible to get a job. However, with the right attitude, persistence and effort, you may just learn how to navigate through your job transition and on to career success. Gain inspiration for your job transition through Renee's success story. Read more »

Summer Job Search Strategies

It's easy to lose career focus during the summer months. Kids home from school, warm sunny weather and household projects tend to distract job seekers. Additionally, the interview process often gets disrupted while employers accommodate multiple vacation schedules. These interruptions become an easy excuse to put a job search on hold till September. Don't give in to the temptation to take the summer off. Your summer sabbatical will add months to your job search. Read more »

Editor's Corner

This concludes the second edition of the Career Insider! We hope you will find the information useful in helping you maintain focus in your job search. We look forward to bringing next quarter’s edition to you. Your feedback is important to us. If you have any suggestions or would like to participate in the Career Center team, please e-mail us at

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